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marsstillness's Journal

A Veronica Mars Still Icon Community
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Welcome to marsstillness, a still icon challenge community dedicated to the TV show Veronica Mars. Anyone is welcome to join, enter the challenges and vote for the winning icons!

Your mod: starry_night
Your banner makers: TBC

New challenges will be posted every two weeks and challenge end dates will be posted with the info for each new challenge.

- Submit up to five (5) icons per challenge
- Icons must 100x100 and less than 40k
- Anonymous entries will not be included in voting
- Animation is not allowed
- Icons must be in .png or .jpg
- Icons must be new and cannot be posted elsewhere until the results have been posted
- Submit entries as a comment to the challenge post - all comments will be screened until results are posted.
- Have fun!

How to post icons:


If you're not sure how to do this, you can copy and paste the following.

Voting Rules

- Do not vote for yourself or ask anyone to vote for you
- Vote on the quality of the icon
- Please try to vote if you've entered a challenge
- You'll be voting for your top 3 icons as well as a couple of specific themes (e.g. best crop, etc.)
- Votes for Top 3 icons will be weighted: 1st = 3points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point. Results will be totalled to determine winners.
- Anyone can vote but anonymous votes won't be counted.